The Importance Of Insulin: Insulin Is Important To The Human Body

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When eating the body turns food into glucose (sugar) and that is the cue for the pancreas releases insulin, insulin is a type of hormone that allows your body to digest sugars (glucose) from the carbs that we eat where the body either uses it for energy or stores it as potential energy. Then insulin has to keep the sugar low if it’s to low you’ll have hypoglycemia and if it’s too high you could get hyperglycemia so insulin is important to the human body.

To be able to do different things throughout the day you need energy and to have the energy you need glucose that you get from your food since of course, it is the main source of energy that the brain accepts, glucose can’t directly enter the cells in your body. Then your pancreas cells called betta cells come to play they release insulin that tags along with the cells in your bloodstream to reduce your sugar levels. When your body has more sugar than it needs it will take it and store it in your livers, with the help of insulin, of course, so you can use it when doing physical activities or between your meals. Insulin is basically an equalizer it lowers high sugar levels and increases low sugar levels. When the human body is resistant to or does not produce enough insulin for the body chances are you going to suffer from hyperglycemia, high blood sugar levels, inflated blood levels will cause long-term complexity if they remain inflated for long periods of time.
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Leading to the need for insulin
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