The Importance Of Integrated Communication Strategy

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Integrated communications can be thought of, as a spider web. The web widens with each thread, drawing its strength, from their synergy.
An effective integrated communication campaign should include most, if not all of the 6 disciplines, as each discipline will approach the target audience differently. However, there are times where a discipline is preferred over another. Like in the case of McDonald’s “Get Up and Go” campaign. All 6 disciplines were used but advertising, social media, alternative marketing and events management were the bulk of it.
The “Get Up and Go” campaign started on 11 March 2013 to promote the McMuffin give away event on 18 March well as introduce the idea of having breakfast at McDonalds. McDonalds used all three platforms print, broadcast and digital to inform people about the McMuffin give away event on 18 March 2013. There were full colour one-page advertisements in the Today paper, 20 second Television Commercial as well as time sensitive digital bus stop advertisements. The print advertisements and Television commercial were also uploaded on Facebook and YouTube.
After the give away event on National Breakfast Day, the “Get Up and Go” campaign were used to introduce new McDonald’s breakfast items like the Chicken McMuffin and Strawberry Hotcakes.
The McDonald’s “Get Up and Go” campaign was rather successful, due to the synergy of the disciplines and platforms. The disciplines used

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