Definition Essay On Integrity

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"A man of integrity," my father claims, "is a man worthy of anyone 's respect." During my childhood years, my father consistently drilled into my mind that integrity is the most important quality that one could possess. Because I was relatively young at the time, I never understood the definition of the word or the magnitude of the lesson. I would mull over the idea in my mind, plunging deep into my thoughts: How would this apply to my life? As I have grown older, I have become more familiar with the word because of my experiences in sports, in class, and in life. Integrity can be defined as doing right when no one is watching. Despite the adversity throughout life, portraying an exceptional character is necessary to overcome the several trials…show more content…
For example, when the team practices in the batting cage without coach supervision, players demonstrate integrity by concentrating on hitting correctly, which consists of driving the ball through the middle of the cage. I can easily listen to the small, deceiving voice whispering into my ear to jest with my teammates and to lack focus, but a lazy mindset will not push our team to achieve the goals that we yearn for. Last year, our team competed in the state semifinals in Sulphur, Louisiana; however, we lost to the team that advanced to become the state champion. The team dreams of the opportunity to play in the state championship and imagines the sight of the vivid green turf. From my perspective, the greatest feeling in the world is battling under the lights while the fans roar throughout the course of the game. If the team lacks integrity, the mission to play in Sulphur would be impossible to accomplish. Sulphur is the destination, and Berwick Baseball is the driver; we will use integrity to overcome the bumps in the road. Integrity is necessary for all team sports; each sport must involve the players coming together to achieve a common goal. Personal morality is extremely important on the field, yet the quality is equally as important off the
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