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Intelligence is a highly sought out component in dogs and has been at the forefront of many dog breeding businesses. To breed dogs specifically for intelligence, you need to first establish what type of intelligence you wish to breed, namely one that can be measured by using an array of tests, and it needs to be specific.
Some dogs are naturally inclined to perform certain tasks which are attributed to being the instinctive types. This class of intelligence refers to the innate abilities in the dogs that do not require much human assistance, but that comes naturally. Service dogs, such as those who assist in herding animals or are used for protection, already have higher probabilities of getting the task done because these abilities are innate. They don´t require as much training. The same goes for
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You must be able to prove that your dogs have the qualifications worthy enough for someone to invest their time and money in. After all, every dog owner likes to think their dog is the best but does every owner hone the necessary credentials that will get them further in the business? Fortunately, in the era of internet and information, breeders have a wealth of means to showcase their efforts.
Dog Shows
This would be the most obvious and prestigious approach to showing off your dog’s talents. Dog shows offer a variety of different skills and abilities to be put to the test, all with an audience and live TV crew for broadcasting. Not only do dog shows offer awards that you may be able to show others, but you never know if someone of high business stature may be sitting in the audience and showing an interest in your dog´s performance. This is great for networking! Ideally, dog shows are utilized for maximum exposure so that even people sitting at home can watch on their screens.

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