The Importance Of Inter-Professional Education

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Inter-professional teamwork is a critical aspect in the health care profession. Ideally, taking care of patients is highly complex and requires collaboration between the social and health care professionals. However, many studies show that many professionals are not willing to join forces. This has led to the assumption of the Inter-professional Education (IPE) to help into advancing the Inter-professional Practice (IPP). In the medical grounds, IPE strategy is used to encourage professionals such as doctors, radiographers, nurses, therapists among other health workers, to come together, share their proficiencies and have a chance to interact with the aim of providing a better health care. Interdisciplinary teamwork should be incorporated
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The studies major in radiation therapy and medical imaging among students and other health care professionals. The students were involved in different research easements where they were examined to rate the importance of IPE.
Case studies
The first study was conducted among medical physicians and radiation therapy intellectuals. The apprentices at the University of South Australia joined intra-professional learning sessions with medical practitioners in a bid to raise their grasp in the treatment and QA techniques done by the practitioners (Mathews, 2014). Every single student detailed their findings. The students then filled evaluation forms which were surveyed to obtain an understanding of the students’ benefit from the intra-professional education activity. A second study was done on inter-professional sonography simulation where sonography students were assigned to different rooms. It aimed at studying the readiness of the students to learn from other health workers (Grant, 2010). The study assumed that the students had conducted an ultrasound scan on a pregnant woman in her twentieth week. A total of fifteen simulations were recorded after three hours. The task was completed after briefing the woman and her partner of their findings. Later, the students were engaged in an exploration
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Teamwork and cooperation indicated a positive change from 5.34 to 5.63. The negative pro identity recorded a drop from 1.75 to 1.25 while positive professional individually marked the greatest change from 4.81 to 5.47. Roles and accountability showed a drop from 2.50 to 2.30 (Grant, 2010). Essentially, evaluation of the stimulated activity impacted positively on the student’s readiness to learn from other health professionals.

IPP is the fundamental facet in seeing advancement in health care. According to evidences, (Reeves, et al., 2009), it requires the different experts in patients care sector to come together and enhance the quality of support offered. Interdisciplinary teamwork forms the basis for effective IPP (Bridges , Davidson, Odegard, Maki, & Tomkowiak, 2011). Certainly, teamwork among professionals in the health sector is crucial.
Roles and barriers of inter-disciplinary
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