The Importance Of Inter Religious Marriages

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Society has a positive perception on inter religious marriages in general. In the views of society, inter religious marriages seem to enhance better understanding of other religions. People seem to think beyond the concept of religious tolerance and have transcended to the level of openly accepting inter- religious marriages as an inevitable reality. However, while they are not averse to inter religious marriages as a concept, they still feel that inter religious marriages could be avoided for practical reasons. It is because inter religious marriages evoke a sense of challenge in them and they would prefer to skip that challenge unless it is unavoidable.

By and large, the society has knowledge and understanding of factors contributing to a success or failure in marriages. They were able to take ideas from it and apply for the success and failure of inter religious marriages. Though all marriages come across difficulties, the intensity seems to be irreversible in inter religious marriages invariably because of lack of parental support and pressures from the religious leaders. Many feel that inter religious marriages might survive only if the couples have extraordinary maturity in giving importance to relationship than their own religion. But when the initial love and fervor vanish in the heat of running a family on a day to day basis, the society assumes that inter religious marriages might face rough weather. Since differences of opinions could easily arise in inter

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