The Importance Of Interactionism In Society

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“Sociology is the study of groups and group interaction, societies, and social interactions, from small and personal groups to very large groups” (OpenStax College, 2015, p. 6). In other words, sociology is the objects and people that affect our way of living. Whether it is one’s religion or a current trend that everyone is going crazy about. Culture, politics, family and many other concepts make up a person’s social life. Sociologists study these concepts to understand what makes society works. Whether it is an argument about equal rights for women, or what issues that might be causing the economy to start failing. With each idea being done by a sociologist, another sociologist will disagree and explain why he or she thinks so. All in all, no matter where a person is in his/her life, he/she will see and face one social issue after another. “Symbolic interactionism is a micro-level theory that focuses on the relationships among individuals within a society” (OpenStax College,…show more content…
18). This concept relies on people’s interaction with others, and how that interaction will play a role in one’s life over time. One can see this theory of friendship, business associates, and many other social groups in society. Some people might have great social skills because they had a lot of friends when they were younger. People’s interaction with others allows them to find others that are like them. For example, there is a person who might find one person who likes books and another person who likes horror movies; but both people don’t like what the other one likes. That person might still is friends with both the book person and horror movie person or might have to decide which one he/she is more comfortable with. In society, people do this all the time with workplaces, events, outings, and making new friends out in public. Constructivism can be a great concept to have in

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