The Importance Of Intercultural Communication

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The importance of understanding of intercultural communications has never been as glaring as it is today. The concept of intercultural communications refers to the communication between two individuals from different backgrounds. The word, communication is very broad. We will focus on items such as, verbal language barrier, non-verbal communication, context level, value of time, stereotypes, feelings and emotions. We will look at the impact it has on both our personal and professional lives.
As corporations continues to expand and penetrates foreign market, the need to understand how to communicate with our business partners across the globe is critical. Coordinating meetings is hard enough already with the introduction of the time differences, now we also have to factor in the intercultural difference just added a whole new twist. We will now have to be cognizant in respect to our action in respect to the difference in culture, religious, ethnic, educational background, and other factors that may result in an uncomfortable situation.
In the American culture, we see that time is an important essence, and that being on time is a sense of respect to all parties involved. As a child, from the moment we started school, we were taught that it is imperative to be on time. We were trained to obliged by the rule from when the first bell rung to be in class, till the last bell at the end of the day. As an adult, we were taught to always arrive 15 minutes early before your scheduled
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