The Importance Of Intercultural Communication In English Listening

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...or paste your text hereTherefore, the training and cultivation of students ' intercultural communicative competence is an important part in English teaching. The application of intercultural communication in English teaching, mainly reflected in the following aspects. 3.1 Cross Cultural Communication in English Listening Teaching Listening is an important means for people to exchange ideas, in all communication activities, the most basic is the ability to understand others speak. With the development of modern science and technology, English listening teaching has been hitherto unknown reform, said the combination of audio-visual teaching from the traditional recorder listening teaching development, from the traditional simple listening classroom teaching with the development of the computer platform of multimedia network teaching, so that learners acquire intercultural communication from more channels of content, from a large number of English video and Internet game related knowledge of the language, to provide learners with a large number of original English cultural knowledge information input, improve their listening and speaking in Intercultural communication in the course of consciousness and ability. 3.1.1 The Importance of Intercultural Communication in English Listening Through cross cultural information input, can improve learners of English language and cultural exchanges, improve their cross-cultural communicative competence. In English listening, the
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