The Importance Of Intergroup Conflict

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Conflict is the disagreement among different persons or individuals featured by hostility and antagonism. It is motivated by one party opposing another with an aim to perform a different opinion from the other party. The conflict elements contain different sets of principles as well as values, therefore, causing the conflict, (David et al., 2017).
Intergroup conflict
The type of conflict occurs due to misunderstanding among different groups within an organization. The conflict is experienced in different departments in an organization’s setting due to differences in their goal settings and interests, (Barney & Ouchi, 2015) The groups or teams may also experience the conflict due to the competition among them in addition to rivalry in resources and boundaries initiated by the specific groups to show their personal identities. For instance, conflict aroused within the teams due to the selection of the best person to lead the group.
Sources and levels
Intergroup conflict results from different sources and is experienced at different levels within an organization. The teams were divided when selecting the person having the knowledge as well as the expertise though lacks charisma together
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The differences in perceptions among the teams concerning the time as well as the status, when mixed with the different goals of the groups, may also create an intergroup conflict. A reorganization within the place of the work as well as the integration of services together with facilities can be more problematic to some thus results in a negative conflict. A few individuals in the group acquire the inherent traits and social histories that influence the intergroup conflict. However, issues within the intergroup relations are not being caused by the behavioral change of the few individuals, (Puurtinen et al.,
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