The Importance Of Internal Recruitment

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Besides external recruitment, our company also consider to provide internal recruitment in order to increase the creativity and motivation of our existing employees. Internal sources of recruitment refer to recruiting employees by advertising a new or recently vacated position within an organisation to existing employees. (, 2016) This means employees who currently working in their own company can be departed to other department and higher position. If the working performance are excellent and hit the target, the employees are given opportunity to achieve higher level from the current post. Moreover, organisation is ready to provide training to the employees if any extra skills required. (, 2016) Nowadays, many companies choose to use internal sourcing as a method to recruit employees upward or laterally within the company. This method can help company to save cost as little or no training need to be provided, as well as expenses for advertising new employee and running background checks are spared. It also encourages loyalty and parity among the employees in the company. (, 2016) Thus, internal recruitment is also an important source of recruitment to our company as it given opportunity for utilization of existing human resources and better development in the organisation. (Recruitment, 2016) First, our company would like to recruit employee through promotion. Promotion can be said to
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