The Importance Of International Internship

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According definition, Internships are different from co-ops. As defined by the National Commission for Cooperative Education (NCCE), co-ops are a “well structured educational system combining studying in classroom with learning from real working experiences in the same field related to students’ academic or career development goals. It not only provides professional experiences in integrating theory but also in real life. Co-op creates an important relationship among students, educational system (universities) and companies with particular responsibilities for each part” (NCCE, n.d.).
A study of UNESCO 2006 claimed that there are approximately 2.5 million students studying and working in other countries all over the world. It showed obviously that internationalization and globalization have been playing an important role in orienting young people to find dream jobs. 3.1 Highlight the curriculum vitae Global Internships provides students the practical working experiences that are necessary to be outstanding in today 's competitive job market. Moreover, it not only highlights your curriculum vitae but also globalizes your career path in the future (CEA, 2016)
International educators believed that the students can show their potential for the position which are global competencies and skills if the students know how to master them from international internship experience. Therefore, this research will be conducted to understand student’s motivations in making
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