The Importance Of International Law And Policies

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201314530 International Law T-Th 3:30-5:00pm AB Political Science Maam Pauline Brillantes Essay on International Laws and Policies Key Questions: - What leads to corporation in a world where state behavior is akin to individual vested interests? - International Law has been an essential aspect of International Relations. However important it may be, its relevance is continuously challenged by the state system and the current world order in place today, explain how global trends challenge the imposition of International Law, and how International Law addresses certain global political, economic, and social issues. For us to better understand the question, we must first analyze…show more content…
At some point if the state agrees to the terms of the international agreement, it will consider the provisions of the agreement as a natural and morally accepted culture within the state, and thus changing their preferences completely. With knowing how states and individuals react on International Policies we can figure out how does a state come into a decision of accepting, adopting and potentially making an appeal to create international Laws and Policies. This essay dwells on how different factors such as economics, society and politics affect the acceptance and comprehension of the state and its people with regards to International Laws and Policies. How does factors such as economic, social and political issues affect the International Arena in general? According to Thomas Hobbes, Political Realism is a key factor in analyzing International Relations, International Relations is a struggle of self-interested states bound on making their own state stronger and more capable than…show more content…
According to this school of thought, International Relations is an arena where different sovereign states acts as a rational unit and sets aside morals and values for their own political and economic advancement and the thought also mentioned that the only way of achieving international security is to balance the power among the powerful states within the arena, which results in states continuously enacting and creating International Laws and Policies to even the scales. The different needs and desires of man potentially brings out the rational capabilities of the state to think for itself and its own. As to my opinion on the matter I consider International Laws and Policies as a result of a cause and effect, it can be the cause as well as the effect per se. It is a cause in a sense that man continuously create and enact International Laws and Policies to succeed or improve the previous law, and an effect in a sense that it is the results of man’s desire to promote and advance his own welfare and property, Which ultimately leads to these kinds of laws and policies. The effect of international law is additive, not absolute. (Tomz, 2008) As to what I’ve mentioned earlier international policies blossomed out of the needs of man. May it be temporary need or a permanent one, their needs and demands practically fuel their desire and motive to impose international laws, policies and agreements. But whatever the case may be the effects of

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