The Importance Of Internet Censorship

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In recent years, the Internet has expanded to people all over the world giving them abilities to gain information on any region in the world. However, issues have arisen on the basis of pornographic exposure to children, censorship of material given to the people in the society by leaders of their country, and terrorist acts through the Internet. As a result, there is controversy as to whether censorship and control is needed to ensure that morals and ethics are still in place for children. Since the Internet can be seen as a portal that generates many complicated problems, parents feel as if the Internet should be controlled for their children. As the Internet increases and expands daily, new technology arrives and the government tries to regulate it, this increases issues on censorship and freedom of expression for the people who are not under democratic bureaucracies. These countries see Internet access as a way to control information given to the people about foreign affairs to limit independent thinking against their leaders. Terrorism can be presented through social media sites by video display as a way to recruit members for their cause and Internet censorship would tamper with this cause. As a result, censorship of the information on the internet has become a globalized debate that currently seeks a solution. The internet needs to be controlled and censored because children have the ability to access inappropriate websites, it allows illegal activities such as
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