The Importance Of Internet Censorship In China

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A free internet is not one that is unregulated nor is one that is strictly regulated. There exists an elusive measure existing the spectrum that must be fulfilled without tainting the uniqueness of the internet. Two key features of a free internet, net neutrality and online freedom of speech, must be maintained throughout.
The internet, as it is now, has paved a new path for communication in the modern era. Since its inception the internet has stood by a simple rule, all data is equal. Through the implementation of legislation and policies this simple rule may however be changed so that certain data may be prioritized. This would exclusively benefit telecommunications corporations while diminishing the ability of the general user. Total net …show more content…

In order to ensure their steady control over this vast amount of people the Chinese government must control them by regulating the worlds most intertwined and complex communication system in the modern era, the internet. A guideline to the China's leading party is strict regulation in every aspect of the internet. In the past couple years a revitalized mission for control against internet freedom has emerged. The foremost problem in China is internet censorship. The Chinese government has several regulatory bodies in charge of internet censorship, among them being the State Council Information office, the Cyber space Administration of China, and finally the State Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film, and Television. These government bodies were created to maintain a so called "cyberspace sovereignty" controlled by the State. The main topic of controversy among the internet landscape of China is its strict limitations and restrictions on content deemed sensitive. Any content found to be incompatible with State propaganda, protest against key political figures or ideologies held by China's one party system will be swiftly censored by both well-oiled automated computers …show more content…

However the article also states that fabrication or distortion of facts is prohibited. When every complaint is then censored and obstructed from viewing how is it that citizens are able to freely practice this right. The government has over interpreted their capabilities to end false accusation to extend to complete black out of any form of criticism. The interest of the state, as found in article 51, may not be infringed upon by the citizens of China in exercising their freedoms. This however has gone too far. The internet has the capabilities to amass people for a cause, to send a message that will be seen by many, and to be a voice in the discussion in the development of a nation. Yet China has disconnected its people from its true realization and given them nothing more than a

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