The Importance Of Internet Corruption

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Of concern is the fact that despite the tremendous growth of the internet, people cannot exercise their right to free expression online . People also cannot exercise their right to access information because the government has placed restrictions. This paper shall analyse how the topic of corruption is covered in the media in different countries and what factors influence this media coverage.
1.1.2. Types of Corruption
Knowing the types of corruption will help create a broader understanding of corruption as a vice, while providing the ways in which the internet media may be compromised in its role as a source of information to the public on matters concerning corruption. This will help understand what kinds of corruption are manifested in the media. Political Corruption This type of corruption involves lawmakers, like dictators, monarchs and legislators . These are individuals in positions of power in a governmental setup with the power to affect the course of things by virtue of the positions they hold. Some individuals in these positions involve themselves in corrupt acts by seeking rewards or bribes for their personal or political benefits so that they return political favours to the people who support them in disregard to the interest of the public . Political corruption works best in systems where so much power has been given to a few people who may collude to satisfy their sponsors. There have been reported cases of members of parliament in different

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