The Importance Of Internet On The Internet

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Mathew Yaldo Question 1 Yes, I use the internet. I believe that the internet has become a staple in all of our lives and is needed for school, work, and for being productive. I consider it easier to sustain relationships on the internet because social media websites allow me to communicate with all of my friends, see what they are up to, and much more. Social media has become a big game changer when it comes to social interaction. Social media not only allows people to connect with their friends and family, but it also provides the opportunity to engage with new people and create more friends. I’ve befriended numerous people who I discovered on social media and it turned out that we had mutual friends. About six years ago, my family was using the internet to talk to my aunt who at the time was our only family member who was still in Syria. Making an international call back then was not possible most of the time and it always came at an expense. The internet changed that by allowing us to communicate with her every day via a face-to-face video chatroom. On top of talking to her, my siblings and I got to see what she liked like for the first time through the internet and my parents saw her for the first time in a decade. With that mind, I agree with Katz and Aspden that communication with family members is an area that has had significant social involvement. It gave my family an opportunity that would otherwise not be possible. Question 2 According to Robert Kraut, who
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