The Importance Of Internet Privacy And Security

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Today many people talk about Internet privacy[2] and security[2], particularly since the deployment of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which is the next generation of Internet Protocol replacing IPv4. The IPv6 address in which, the leftmost 64-bits of a 128-bit address forms the subnet prefix and the rightmost 64-bits of the address forms the interface identifier[9]. Privacy is a very important element in everyone’s daily life. Just trying to define the difference between privacy and security becomes a difficult task as they are so closely related. This is why the meaning of privacy is not definitive among the experts because there is no fixed dividing line between privacy and security. Most users would not like to have their data exposed to other people on the internet[2].…show more content…
Particularly , since ,the deployment of internet protocol version 6 (IPv6). Most users would not like to have their data exposed to other people on the internet. The initial approach used for attacking a user’s privacy and security is done by scanning the nodes on a network.This gives an attacker the ability to obtain IP address in use by this node so that this information can then be used to initiate further attacks against this node, such as tracking them via their IP address across the networks. So, our main task is to give the attacker lesser time to track the node . And moreover ,changing the IP Address frequently , so that attacker can not track the actual node ,even if they get IP address (the node’s old IP
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