The Importance Of Internship At Pepsico

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Internship (project work) is an integral part of the academic curriculum. It is an initiative to bridge the gap between knowledge and its application through a series of interventions that will enable to gain insights and exposure to the industry .A research is a logical and systematic plan prepared for directing a research study it specifies the methodology and techniques to be adopted for the collection, measurement and analysis of data. It is the plan, structure and strategy of investigating and conceived idea so as to obtain answer to research questions. The plan is the overall scheme or program of research.

It is 12 weeks programs to serve twin objectives of providing/learning the critical business insight and to gain the high caliber which helps us to go ahead in the world of business from the day of beginning
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The internship is done at PepsiCo company for the following topic “STUDY ON DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL” I have identified that PepsiCo company is having good distribution units and they are producing non alcoholic soft drinks and they are having many dealers in Bangalore to provide there product at each and every Retail shop in Bangalore

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