The Importance Of Internship In An Organization

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An "internship" is an opportunity which is offered by an employer to undergraduates or post graduate students, called "interns", to work in an organization for a specific period of time. Generally internships will last between one week to 12 months or it can last for any length of time. These days internship is done in almost all the fields like human resource, marketing, hospitality, sales, engineering, I.T., graphic designs, finance, management and many more. Internship helps an individual in various ways and will also help to develop variety of skills like time management, interpersonal skills, technical skills, communication skills, problem solving skills, personal effectiveness, problem solving skills, analytical skills, presentation…show more content…
An individual can actually learn a lot from an internship as it gives him an opportunity to directly work under the mangers, team leaders etc and to speak and directly interact with those people who have a great experience in their respective fields. internship teaches an individual more than what an individual ever knew about the job. It trains an intern and gives an experience to handle real-life situations which cannot be learnt in a classroom.
Internship at Aon helped me understand the practices or procedure that an organization uses to recruit employees and to map the competencies of a prospective employee or an individual with the task or job. At Aon the learning experience beyond comparison as it helped in understanding the corporate style of work, the work environment, work pressure, deadlines and satisfaction of work completed at the end of the
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• Competency is a combination of skills, knowledge, attitude and behaviour that are required by an individual in order to perform a job or carry out their task and responsibilities effectively and efficiently for specific roles in the organization.
• Competency mapping helps in evaluating applications and weed out or remove unqualified candidates
• Competency mapping helps the organization to define business culture, business goals and make hiring decisions.

• To comprehend the existing recruitment and competency mapping system in service industry
• To study the recruitment and significance of competency mapping at AON
• To identify the cost effective source of hiring.
• To analyze how the competencies are linked to strategies, business performance and results.
• To suggest the effectiveness of recruitment and competency mapping at Aon.

• The scope of study is restricted to the employees of AON and to understand the recruitment process in the organization. The scope of study will be limited to the employees competency and their growth in the

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