The Importance Of Internship In London

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Embarking on my Erasmus+ internship in London truly was one of the best experiences of my life. It changed me and my outlook on the world, my place in it, and what I can expect from my future career. But even though it was one of the best experiences, that doesn’t mean that it was an easy one. Far from it. From finding my placement and accommodation, to actually working in London, all the way to returning home - I learned something new during each step of the process and I’m happy to share this experience with you. I hope my advice serves you well and that you find your experience as rewarding and enriching as I did mine.

I decided to look for an internship in London for two reasons. Firstly, it reminded me of my childhood as I spent quite a lot of time in the city as a child since my father was working for a company based in London at the time. And secondly, as a graduate of English, I saw it almost as a right of passage to spend at least a few months of my life living and working in the British metropolis.

As with everything, there are upsides and downsides to choosing to do your placement in a very large city such as London. The most obvious upside is availability. There are countless options for finding the exact type of placement you want as well as for finding a suitable form of accommodation. The most significant downside is the cost. There is no getting around it - living in London is expensive and the Erasmus+ financial aid simply does not cover the cost of living

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