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Why sit aloof? Know the benefits and become an intern I have completed my under graduation this year. But I have to wait for my admissions of the next course for three more months. I was wondering how I could spend my holidays usefully. One of my friends called me and asked whether I was interested in taking up an internship. I liked the idea & affirmed. Now a days when people ask about my plans for the holidays I say about my internship. Many gave me positive replies that it was a wise choice. I wondered is that so? Is it so beneficial? I got the answer to such questions now. I am exploring the professional world as an intern. Without further delay, let me share a few points on internship. Internship lay as a bridge between the classroom ambience and the professional world.…show more content…
Thus in such a circumstance internships play a vital role for fresher’s to overcome it. Internships teach the key skills for a full- time career. There are different types of internships whichever the candidate feels content writing could be opted, however, an intern’s focus should be the amount of experience he would earn out of an internship and not just money. The NACE (The National Association of Colleges and Employers) statistics show that the proportion of candidates who has gone through internships is placed in better jobs than the not so ones. Because the experience gained through internship helps them carry out their tasks efficiently. Whether paid or unpaid, they are beneficial on either side i.e., the recruiter as well the intern. To make you more convincing on the topic, let me share a few benefits which would serve as a driving force for you to undertake it. A magical touch: “When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.” - John Ruskin You might be a person who is proficient in your academics, on the contrary, how about

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