The Importance Of Internsment

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The internship is the part of curriculum of MBA. The internship program is designed in such a way that I was able to explore the links between my academic preparation and field experiences. Internships are individualized and helped me to tailor the needs and interests of the program. As part of the internship experience, I took an active participation to know about the working of an organization.
The internship was for a period of 10 weeks at Prakruthi Health Products. It is mainly concerned with processing and packaging of honey. The internship helps to study about cost management. From the company I learnt how to manage materials, labour and overhead costs and the costing method implemented by the company to prepare the cost statements. I have also got to know the reasons for the changes in costs and profits of the company over the last few years. This study helped me to know about a manufacturing concern, its product profile and the various operations conducted and also practical knowledge was gained by applying theoretical concepts to find the actual cost which was incurred in producing the product.

The company is following traditional costing method. In this study I am comparing the cost sheets of 5 years to know the differences in net profits and reasons for its differences. This study helped me to gain an experience of corporate world and was able to understand how to manage the cost of the product. This study also helped to

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