Alhusser Self Fashion Analysis

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It is an article regarding the questions that how we are ideologically motivated in order to be manipulated by a particular system?, how we become the proponents of that very system?, what is our relation to a thing, to a producer and at last to the world and are we then able to break our formal ideals or always we adhere and adore to others?. A system uses many means to have a hold upon us---psychologically as well as physically. Physical suppression would never yield fruit until our consciousness is subjected. Every system is a framework that is made to have both veneration and fear. Without these two concepts no system would stand. It has many references to literature and many concepts from it are used in this context to make the point…show more content…
Here can be used another term “Self-Fashioning” by Stephen Greenblatt. It signifies a willingness to transform oneself into another and describes the process of constructing one’s identity and persona as per the socially accepted standards. I think, it could not be their opinion but were made to have it--as this statement can be better defined by Althusser’s term “interpellation”. It is this very interpellation that prevents us from understanding nature properly and compels us to act in a foolish and incorrect way. Now the question is, why do we become the subjects of interpellation? This process starts early in our childhood when we become dependent on the “Idols of the Mind” . The idols of the mind are divided into four types:
1. Idols of the tribe: These are the things where our ideals, our personality, our strength etc. falls short and we begin to adhere on others to fulfill our wishes, i-e idols derived from the limitations of our nature.
2. Idols of the cave: These are the illusions where our ego beats the bush in vain. These things are the outcome of our personal
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