The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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Effective interpersonal communication is prerequisite for the interchange of health allied information, the development of therapeutic relationships, accomplishing mutual understanding and applying knowledge to build trust, indeed it is useful in achieving person centred care for health professionals.

First of all effective communication is a powerful therapeutic tool and an essential in open-ended and closed questions to make decisions about Mrs Bernardi’s health and achieving positive outcome for health professionals. In addition, therapeutic communication can impact by environmental barriers, also having mindful awareness of prospective barriers, it’s likely to accomplish and minimise the negative effect of these barriers in Mrs Bernardi’s case. Furthermore assertiveness plays vital role in responding through challenging communicative interaction and support in the confident and practical management of Mrs Bernardi’s scenario.

Questions oblige numerous determinations that contribute to Person-centred practice and reassures the patient to relax by either verbal or non-verbal and improve confidence in the health professionals. Appropriate questions potentially assist the development of trust and rapport and establish mutual understanding

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Open-ended questions bidding more detailed answers, and inspire the patient to reveal information and describe their sentiments and behaviours more, while closed questions can be replied with

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