The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication

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In any form of interpersonal communication, it is important and beneficial to acknowledge the force for conflict that occurs within relationships, and deriving an effective resolution technique from such. The high divorce rates in American society today insist that some light be shed on this growing societal epidemic. From the research collected for this paper, the focus is placed on three specific aspects of conflict and conflict resolution within marriages: conflict patterns, similarity and understanding, and repair strategies. Conflict, as defined in the article by Dunleavy, Goodboy, Booth-Butterfield, Sidelinger, and Banfield (2009), is “the interaction of interdependent people who perceive incompatible goals and interference from each other in achieving those goals” (p. 72). It is first imparitive to acknowledge conflict as a natural occurrence in any relationship; on the other hand, conflict is still able to vary in severity, frequency, and outcome. Outcome is the major factor of interest in the research provided by Dunleavy et al. (2009), as a result of the distinctive increase in divorce as a means to terminating marriage relationships within the United States at a heightened level. Conflict has the opportunity to intensify relationships, if the two individuals allow for a positive reaction to occur. Conflict that is managed well can further the development of healthy relationships, offer positive relational growth, and can lead to new forms of sharing,
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