The Importance Of Interpersonal Listening

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Interpersonal listening: is the power to interpret things and to make healthy communication. A person that listens properly can transfer the accurate message to the specified person or to any receiver. If we listen properly we can effectively accomplish our assigned activities. Listening can prevent unnecessary mistakes. That is why people say, before you talk, think twice. If we listen to our family we can avoid some of the problems easily. If we listen to our friends, we can form good relationships. If we can listen to our groups, teams, and communities, we will be good leaders. When someone listens carefully to the end of the speaker which helps the listener to get the whole message in order to answer any needed questions. There should no worries of what to say after the speaker finished his /her speech. Sometimes also being quiet is preferable. A good listener will make a good judgment. Listening skills also interoperates with verbal and non verbal communications which helps to receive messages sent by other people. From 70% an average which adults spent their time in communication where as 45% spent their time on listening 30% speaking 16% of them reading 9% writing(source:Adler, al.2001) In business good listening people will help the organization which…show more content…
Assertiveness may not go with those they think aggressively and in bad manner to hurt others. The definition of assertiveness is a person who advocates or stands for his right with clean, straight good heart feeling expresses his feelings. It also accepts the principle of listening and negotiation. In business the managers use the skill of assertiveness as not to hurt their employees without reasons, before any decision they make they should listen to their problems and any conflict happened between the manager and his employee to resolve by
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