The Importance Of Interpreneurship

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1. INTRODUCTION The business environment consists of three kinds of individuals known as entrepreneurs, tenderpreneurs and intrapreneurs. This paper seeks to define the three key terms and discuss them in-depth and further, the challenges that entrepreneurs face most especially in developing countries, and whether intrapreneurship has space in Botswana’s local context. 2. DEFINITION OF KEY TERMS 2.1 Tenderpreneurship Tenderpreneurship involves a business dealing and surviving through illicitly obtained government tenders and quotation bids, through supply of either services or products (Ramakoba, 2015). The controversy with tenderpreneurship is that there is usually some or other form of corruption involved in the procurement of government…show more content…
It is also noted that By acting as an entrepreneur within corporate boundaries, the affinity towards the pursuit of innovation is greatly enhanced. The study also finds that Botswana’s economy is one of the strongest and fastest-growing. The level of innovation, however, is daunted by the low level of understanding of the innovation process. The integration of the innovation process and entrepreneurship actions produces synergy that propels the companies’ ability to adapt, develop and innovate. For optimal corporate entrepreneurship orientation, the company needs to establish systems and structures that are not counterproductive to the encouragement of corporate entrepreneurship inherent in an entrepreneurial company. The company must make it possible to act entrepreneurially within its organisational systems without hindrance as it could greatly benefit from introducing corporate entrepreneurship. The main difference between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs is that the former starts from the ground, while the latter operates from within an already existing firm. They however possess the same qualities- creative, innovative, risk-taking and vision and it is these qualities that allow for modern and fresh ideas to be…show more content…
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