The Importance Of Interracial Relationships

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Gender. A difference among the nature of each gender is one good indication when measuring attitudes. With the opposing nature of genders such that of personality and interest. As according to Williams and Best cited in Lippa (2010), men are seen as naturally aggressive, arrogant, competitive, independent and unemotional compared to what people see in women as being affectionate, anxious, compassionate, dependent, emotional and sensitive. Considering the held nature of genders, the study would look into the extent of which characteristics of gender is more accepting and open when it comes to their relatives who are involved in interracial relationships. Although from the previous findings of Field, Kimuna, and Straus (2013), gender has no impact with regards to acceptance of interracial relationships. Also from Pierce stating that, other factors such as race place significance when it comes to positive attitudes, but with regards to gender there is no significanct difference.
Few of the studies that have measured the difference between gender and interracial relationship were that of Johnson and Ogsawara in Walker (1995), results showed that males have more positive attitude towards interracial relationship and that males have more tendencies to engage in dating with those of different race as them. Relatively, in another study, Carter (1994) reported that between interracial couples, women place less prejudices rather than men and that also, from Passet and Taylor (1991),

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