The Importance Of Intersecti Intersectionality

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Throughout the course of history, especially America 's, one side is always more embellished to fit elite reputation. When thinking about American history, the white man 's tale is often told: Christopher Columbus founded America and ever since he has we have been colonizing, growing, and rapidly becoming more industrialized. Our middle and high schoolers are not handed down books on the genocide of Native Americans and stripping of their land, which we still benefit from. Neither are they going to have a discussion with their history teacher on the systemic bondage that coerced slaves into building this country brutally. Academia has been flawed in failing to include and represent the many faces of history and oppression. Scholars have gathered in-implicitly to write narratives, personal case studies, and many other works to shed light on telling the side of the other, and in various instances, the oppressed. This framework of significant usage of how people’s lives are affected within their multiple aspects of identity is called intersectionality.…show more content…
Intersectionality is a systemic framework which underlines the fact that different social identities are not separate and specific entities but they are rather interconnected and complex. It illustrates the importance of how much greater every, individual facet of one’s identity is much greater and accurately represented when looked at together. This essential framework that chooses to acknowledge the fact that various facets of one 's identity can affect our lives and therefore our varying degrees of oppression is often dependent on social, systemic power relationships. These relationships are most often defined by four different systems: race, class, gender, and
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