The Importance Of Intersectionality In Sexuality

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INTERSECTIONALITY IN PRACTICE According to Valentine (2007), feminist geography studies tend to look at intersectional types of issues which limit their analyses to the relationship between particular identities such as class or gender rather than addressing the full implications of the above theorisation of intersectionality (Valentine 2007, 14). The reason behind narrowing the scope of empirical work is due to the complexity of intersectionality itself. Valentine further argued that researching on intersectionality has the tendency to collapse back to focusing on the non-privilege groups rather than how privileged identities are done and undone. Moreover, when research on intersectionality are done in practicality, and due to certain limitation, focuses on dominant category become prominent as well in demonstrating that some categories are far more oppressed than the other strands of social category. Valentine emphasised that the 'theoretical turn ' within feminism which focuses on understanding and changing women 's lives reflects the lack of empirical work at intersectionality in practice (Valentine 2007, 14). Also due to the influence of the post-structural theory into the feminist thinking and on the discipline of geography, the material and everyday aspects that shaped the lived experiences of individuals become out of focus which Philo (2000), Smith (2000) and Thrift (2000) criticised (cited in Valentine 2007, 14). In order to have the most effective empirical
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