The Importance Of Interview Questions

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Everyone knows you need to prepare to answer some tough questions at the job interview. But you might be missing a trick if you’re also not preparing to ask some questions.

The truth is a good conversation is always a two-way street and this also applies to your job interview. By asking questions, you can create a better relationship with the interviewer and really highlight your talent and fit for the role. Not to mention how asking questions will help you figure if the role is what you actually want and how you can succeed in it to the best of your ability.

Above all, you can’t escape asking questions because if you’ve ever looked at the most common interview questions of all time, you’ll know one of them is “Do you have any questions?”
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It was developed by Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser, two Stanford psychologists. In their study, they persuaded participants to put a huge billboard on their front lawn simply because they had previously agreed to put a tiny sign in the window of their car or house. Both signs had a message about driving safely written in them.

According to the theory, the first small sign established an identity of them as a committed citizen. When they were asked to have the second sign, the participants overwhelmingly did it because they wanted to remain consistent.

So, what does this have to do with your job interview?

You can use the principle to make the interviewer commit to thinking you’re potentially good candidate. The questions will help you do that. If you ask the question, “why did you invite me here?” you make the interviewer verbally commit to your good qualities. They commit to thinking you’re the right match for the role and they are more likely to remind themselves of those good qualities as they consider you to the position later.

This bold question is definitely worth asking and if you can, ask it right at the start of the

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