The Importance Of Intolerance In The Chrysalids By John Wyndham

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“What can we do to accept one another through our differences?” Being different from one another is a positive thing because it gives us something unique or special, unlike a world that is full of boredom. In the book “The Chrysalids,” by John Wyndham, people who are identified as abnormal or have deviations are symbolized by the image of the devil. Therefore, they are either killed or abandoned at birth because of their abnormality that people disapprove of. The intolerance that people show in the story and the actions David displays against it reveals the definition of being human. Intolerance should not be permitted. Humans should show respect, care and acceptance towards one another. In the book, an event takes place where Harriet develops fear due to the fact that the inspector is coming in and examining her newborn baby, Petra. However, Petra has a deviation, she is telepathic. As a result of her deviation, Harriet is scared her husband would abandon her because this is the third time, her baby was born with a deviation. With the given evidence from the text, “This is the third time. They’ll take my baby away again like they took the others. I can’t stand that - not again, Henry will turn me out I think. He’ll find another wife who can give him proper children.” (Wyndham, 71). This displays the intolerance humans have against people with deviations. Babies with a deviation are not considered a norm, therefore they are abandoned or killed at birth. Sometimes the
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