The Importance Of Introvert Personality

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(a) Understand your aptitude:- It is extremely important to understand your true potential.Only you can judge what you are best at.Many people, who are persitently failing to reach their goal, think that they have absolutely no potential at all in them. This is an extreme thought process leading to frustration and demotivation. One needs to know each one of us is born with a unique aptitude and personality combination. And our aptitude and personality is actually our true capability based on which we should take up the right career.One may continuously fail in written examination but may be extremely good with spoken exams and could be a great orator.It is therefore important to understand one’s true potential and not get affected with minor failures. Here, your verbal aptitude and introvert personality can definitely help you in “starting a career”. Being introvert is nothing wrong, you can still manage to learn certain skill which would make you manage extrovert trait and go back to work at individual work setting for certain period, which would help you to balance your trait. Some such career options that can be explored for this aptitude personality combination are network manager, public relation manager, digital marketing, teaching, any kind of analytic profile, individual one-to-one sales jobs like travel tourism or insurance or B2B etc, indirect marketing, among many others. This insight and knowledge about your aptitude and personality can be gained through an
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