The Importance Of Inventions In Frankenstein

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Humans strive for innovation and for improvements in humanity. Throughout each generation there are inventions created to improve productivity or improve humanity. Inventions have made the world, both better off and worst off. Some inventions are made to benefit the productivity or the health of others while some inventions accidentally harm people. The goal of the invention is to create good for the people and not to create harm. Inventors have the ability to make a creation that can lead to cause both intended and unintended consequences. In Mary Shelley 's, book Frankenstein, the main character, Victor created a monster that was intended to extend a life of a person. Instead of extending the life of a person, the monster ended up hurting those he encountered.…show more content…
Frankenstein is an example of how a technological advancement has made society, both better off and worst off. Frankenstein created a monster that was intended to improve the life if humanity. Frankenstein wanted to improve how long a person could be alive for. He created a monster, with feelings and emotions, who ends up killing humans he encounters. Victor Frankenstein never intended to create a killer monster. He intended to create an extension of a person’s life. Tenner concludes that innovations have always led to unintended consequences. Dating services account for some couples are appeased with the outcome of meeting their significant other. Singles sign up online for a dating service in hope to find a significant other. Through communicating online, users are able to get to know another person easily at the touch of his or her fingertips. Online dating allows for singles to communicate better and meet others more easily. The intention of this creation is to find love online. This creation has led to problems for online dating users.
Dating services take time and money out of a person. Hours upon hours are
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