The Importance Of Islamic Education In Mughal Dynasty

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Institutions of Islam In The Mughal Dynasty
In addition to the legacy of civilization as described above, the Mughal Empire also established many mosques. One very famous mosque is Masjid Badsyahi, which is a very beautiful building and is located west of the fort Lahore. The mosques built by Mughal ruler, but used as places of worship also serve as an educational institution of religious learning place for the community. These facts indicate that the Mughal Empire basically take great care in the field of education.
In every mosque are the scholars who are willing to provide instruction in the various branches of religious knowledge. In fact, in every mosque has always reserved a special room for students who want to stay in it during the educational process. Therefore, almost every mosque to function as a place of learning that provides a religious science specialist teachers. In a further development, the mosque evolved into a university, where the scholars teach various branches of science of religion and a number of students or students choose to attend certain lessons.
In addition to the mosque, there are also Khanqa - a kind of boarding school - led by clerics or guardians are generally located in rural areas. At the time of the Mughal dynasty, Khanqa an Islamic study center that is considered good. Khanqa students are taught in various fields of science such as mathematics, mantiq, philosophy, interpretation of the Koran, the

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