The Importance Of Japanese Concentration Camps In Prisons

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The Japanese living on the west coast was placed in concentration camps. The type of concentration camp was just like being in prison, and the Japanese did get fed. The Japanese people were not trusted by the military because they were at war with the Japanese. Since the US was at war with the Japanese the military felt as though it would be beneficial to put the Japanese in concentration camps, to protect US citizens from terrorist attacks. The Constitutional issue is that it does not say anywhere in the Constitution that you cannot arrest someone because they are Japanese. Some Supreme Court Justices said that it was legal and others said that it was illegal. The Court ruled that it was legal to arrest the Japanese because the military recommended it and the ruling was six to three.…show more content…
Hugo Black was a part of the majority opinion and said lock up Korematsu. Hugo Black said to lock up Korematsu because the US was at war with Japan and he did not want to take a chance of terrorist attacks. Another reason to lock up Korematsu stated by Hugo Black was it was recommended by the US military to keep the US safe. The Concurring Opinion is when a justice agrees with the Majority Opinion but for a different reason. Felix Frankfurter’s opinion was to lock Korematsu up and his opinion was concurring because there was nothing in the Constitution that said you could not lock up Japanese

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