The Importance Of Japanese Migration To America

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Japanese Immigration
There were many reasons why the Japanese immigrated to America. America had better religious freedom than the Japanese did back in their own country. Shinto is the indigenous faith of the Japanese people that teaches that the Japanese shall want their sins cleansed for one 's owns peace. Some Japanese believe that this is not right. Another thing that pulled the Japanese into America is the medical care and security that was held in America. Japanese Immigrants were put to chopping sugar cane on vast plantations. The workdays were long, and the labor was exhausting.
There were few reasons that pushed the Japanese out. Employment was a huge effect why the Japanese immigrated to America. The Chinese took up all the Japanese
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First was the jobs in America. Well that is because industrialization helped the United States to provide jobs for newly immigrated Japanese people. The immigrants would fill low-paying, low-status, or dangerous jobs that Japanese immigrants rejected. Another object was their homes. Many Japanese immigrants did not like their new jobs because the distance away from family and friends was a long disconnection. They also sold products that they grew at local markets. Lastly was the medical care in the early 1900 Japanese immigrants lived on the West-Coast of America because there was better medical care on that Side.
America had few effects on human migration. For example, the population had an effect on the Americans. Between 110,000 and 120,000 Japanese immigrated to America around the 1850’s. This caused Americans to take their money and build more property on American soil. A sell of produce had an effect on the Americans. The Americans had to open more grocery stores in order to sell more food. The Americans let the Japanese start their own farms on unwanted pieces of land if wanted or needed. One more effect of the few reasons is building. The Americans had to build more houses or tall building such as
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