The Importance Of Job Dissatisfaction

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While there are many reasons people are satisfied with their jobs national studies show that money and fringe benefits would not be the main reason and actually only affects job satisfaction to a point. Employees tend to put more emphasis on the quality of their position, the support they receive, and actually feeling like they contribute to the success of the organization. (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p. 5) Many different work-related factors can affect the level of job satisfaction such as the job duties, how much an employee is paid, whether or not there are opportunities for employees to advance, co-workers, and bosses, to name a few. (Robbins & Judge, 2009, p.84) Job satisfaction and/or dissatisfaction is a part of all workplaces. It can affect productivity, morale, and overall customer satisfaction. This paper will address the correlation between job satisfaction and the two prevalent focuses in our lives, work and family. It addresses the conflict between the two and how that conflict can lead job dissatisfaction or dissatisfaction. This is often call work-family conflict. Good use of headings Problem Statement A common issue is when the demands of work interfere with demands of family which is referred to as work-family conflict which can lead to job dissatisfaction and unsatisfactory job performance. The Importance of Supervisory Support When work-family conflicts arise the support of supervisors to the employee tends to

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