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Job Evaluation The value or worth of a job is calculated by doing job evaluation. It is a systematic process by which we will calculate the comparative worth of each job in our company. This job evaluation will help us in determining the basis of the wages and salaries offered for each job. We want to know that how much value each individual is bringing to the organization and they are paid fairly relative to one another. E-g, our human resource analyst will be bringing more value to the organization than a worker whom we have hired for labour. The factors that we will be keeping in mind while evaluating the jobs are education qualifications, skills needed, working conditions and job responsibilities. We have made sure that we focus on the…show more content…
• Flexible Work Arrangement: As almost all of the employees are students, this is why we do not have any specific work hours. All employees just need to show up physically once a day and then they don’t have to stay at the office for any specific number of hours as far as they are getting the work done and the projects completed on time. • Educational Conferences: We encourage our employees to attend as much educational conferences as they can. We pay them up to a certain amount when they attend such conferences because this increases their exposure to the business world and also their knowledge, which in turn increases the level of value they bring to our company. • Continued Education: We are willing to help our employees with their education as much as we can. We provide them with financial assistance. This assistance is given on the bases of performance on job. We are also planning to send one or two employees abroad every year paying half of their educational fees, provided that they sign a contact which says that upon their return they will work with us for two years at least. • Extra-curricular

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