The Importance Of Job Satisfaction

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of people towards their job. In addition, the concept of benefits, promotional opportunity, supervision, work conditions are included in the definitions.
Bernstein and Nash (2008) proposed that a cognitive, a behavioral, and an emotional component together produce job satisfaction. The cognitive component of job satisfaction consists of, how individuals perceive their jobs; it is a belief he/she has about the job. The behavioral component of job satisfaction consists of individuals ' inherent predispositions toward their job. Behavioral components could include a person’s affect and a general attitude towards others and work in general. It considers how a person acts refer totheir job. Finally, the emotional component of job satisfaction consists of, how a person feels about his/her job i.e. the liking or disliking of a job.
2.4. The Importance of Job Satisfaction
Job satisfaction is very important for an organizational performance. In this regard, Ahmad et al (2013) states that job satisfaction could result in improved productivity, innovation and dedication to maintaining quality of service given to clients. Employees are more likely to operate most effectively when their needs are satisfied (Bekele &Darshan, 2011). The productivity of employees is likely to increase, which in turn result in effective achievement of the goals of an organization (Stone & Pattern, 2005 in Bekele &Darshan, 2011). Moreover, satisfied employees are more likely to absent less, stay at work

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