The Importance Of Job Satisfaction In The Workplace

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A current issue in the workplace is that workers, especially in the UK, are unmotivated and unhappy in their jobs. According to research by Investors in People in 2017 1 in 3 UK workers are not happy in their current jobs and 1 in 4 are actively searching for a new job. Job satisfaction has become increasingly important in the workplace, a high job satisfaction can lead to higher motivation and higher productivity in employees. Cropanzano and Wright (2001) found that less happy employees are more sensitive to threats and are more defensive around co-workers, this could lead to fallings out with co-workers and could affect the performance of team working tasks with in the workplace. Employers are starting to realise the importance of job satisfaction…show more content…
It has also been shown that higher levels of education can lead to lower levels of job satisfaction in studies by Clark (1997). An explanation for this is that job satisfaction can depend on the gap between outcomes and aspirations. Those who have a higher level of education may have higher aspirations and so studies have suggested that people with higher levels of education tend be less satisfied with their jobs (Nguyen, Taylor and Bradley, 2003). But can personality also influence job…show more content…
It would seem to most people that personality would not have that much to do with job satisfaction and that instead it would link job performance. This is correct, personality does play a large role in job performance but research has shown that personality also plays a large role in job satisfaction. Bono and Locke (2000) looked at the link between personality and job satisfaction and found that core self-evaluations that people made of themselves in childhood and early adulthood were linked to job satisfaction that was measured in middle adulthood. This shows that what people think of themselves affects how satisfied they will be with their jobs. Although much research has shown that personality does influence job satisfaction, there are also models and theories that show a better, more detailed account of personality influences job satisfaction. The most popular model is the Five Factor

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