The Importance Of Joblessness In Canada

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It is pretty clear that many students face number of problems to find work according to their studies in their home country. So they prefer to migrate in Canada for the further studies so that they can find work and establish their future in the better way. Joblessness and odd jobs occurs in well- established professionals are still in popular discussion topic for people (Qadeer, 2011). Canada was ranked number one among 75 countries in the United Nation Quality of Survey. It is the best country in the world to live in for the International students (Metro immigration international, 2015).
Prosperity in Canada, the economy is booming. Canada is the one of the richest country in the world. Canada offers unlimited opportunities to immigrants. It is fast growing industrialized country. It provides good business annual packages which attracts most of the immigrants. Life expectancy in Canada is more than higher than some of the countries. Average life expectancy is 76.5 years. The environment of Canada is clean and it provides good food to people (Immigration agency, 2015).
Canada provides top quality education to the students. Canadian universities and colleges have excellent international reputation for providing high quality education. Canada spends more on education than any other countries. It provides primary and secondary education for students to
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They provide a successful migration for the full family and lots of benefits such as free education, medical facilities, old age insurance, and unemployment insurance. Canada provides many opportunities in the field of information technology sector for the software professionals. Canada provides social welfare insurance for the people who are not able to feed themselves and not able to get jobs for themselves. They provide pension plan and it is optimal at the age of 65 (Rao,
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