The Importance Of Joining A Sport In High School

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Imagine a student walking onto the stage to in front of thousands of people get their diploma that they have worked so hard for. High School is a very important part of a student 's life, and freshman year is what gets it going, and that can be very scary for a lot of people. The grades the student gets affects their whole high school career. Some advice for freshman coming up would be to join a sport in high school, don 't skip any classes or days, and put in effort to everything they do.
My advice for new freshman is they should join a sport in high school. When I play a sport, it makes me feel good about myself and helps relieve stress that I have. When I feel good about myself, it keeps me motivated to keep working hard at school, and then i get more done in school as well as do better in my classes. When I 'm not stressed I can do everything better than if I am stressed out. Playing a sport in high school can also help get a student 's mind off of things they have going on inside and outside of
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My other advice for incoming freshman is don 't skip school or any classes. Last semester, a friend and I shared third hour together. We had roughly the same grade in the class. Then he started to skip the class because they didn 't like it. His grade went down two letter grades. Once he came back to school, he had a hard time getting his grade back up because he missed important day of notes so when a test came, he didn 't know what to do. His grade struggled for the rest of the semester. Another reason Students should not skip is because this semester I was sick, but I wasn’t that sick and I still stayed home from school. While I was at home, I missed a half a unit and a test prep in algebra and the unit test was the next day. So when I got back to school, I had to take the test, and I had no idea what to do. If I was at school I would know what to do and would have done better. If a freshman wants to be successful they need to get to school and classes as much as
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