The Importance Of Journalism In Democracy

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How can journalistic coverage of political issues underpin democratic values?

The literal meaning of democracy in Greek is the rule of the people. According to Oxford dictionary, democracy is defined as: a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. In modern society, whenever one is about to evaluate the quality of democracy, the framework of institutions and the quality of journalism should be evaluated. Because journalism is where citizens are informed and motivated to act. Journalism is the essence bridge to make sure democracy works.

The first claim that journalism can do for democracy is informing the public. In practice, a relatively successful democracy requires both the equal division of constitutional framework and the participation of the citizens, which is the ultimate democracy authorities. By delivering political information to the citizens, journalism enables citizens with knowledge to vote with sense and to involve in the process of self-government (Schudson, 2008).

As we said above, the power of media comes from the fact that news tells us information that there is no other way we are going to know. Only under the premise of journalism delivering information in an accurate, balanced, and transparent manner, the dynamic of democratic citizenship shall work. Perceiving news with accuracy, and pursue the integrity of truth are journalists’ obligation.

However, truth, in

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