The Importance Of Journalism In The Digital Age

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Journalism in the Digital Age
In this fast-paced world, technological advancements are exploding exponentially. Technology has almost become a way of life and is influencing many changes in industries. One of which is Journalism. Journalism is accumulating, processing and the circulation of news and information to an audience (public); using mediums such as the radio, newspaper, television and the internet. The internet further branches out to social media platforms and even mobile applications. In comparison to before, the TV, radio & newspaper mediums are observing a decline in consumption. People rather consume news via the internet. Why so? People expect up- to-the-minute updates. They enjoy instant access to information on social media platforms such as ‘Facebook’ for example. Of course the information has to be newsworthy first, so as to capture the interest of the public. This pie chart shows the amount of time spent on media every day. 42% of media time is spent on online mobile. 12% of media time is spent on online PC; followed by 23% of time spent on TV, 11% on Radio, 7% on games consoles and lastly 5% on Physical print (e.g. newspapers etc). This shows that today, a lot of time is spent online and therefore to cater to the modern fast-paced world; constant changes have to be made so as to stay relevant.

What makes a story newsworthy and what interests’ people? There are five factors that decide something is newsworthy and is what the audience (public)

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