The Importance Of Journalism

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In the modern world saturated by advanced media, journalism is facing new challenges of delivering faithful information. With such a fast pace of media development, it is getting more and more challenging for a journalist to remain impartial while keeping audience up-to-dated. Subsequently, it requires a larger and wider spectrum of information to be given to the public, regardless journalists’ viewpoints and beliefs, making it impersonal and fair. This, of course, is highly dependent on various grounds the journalist reports on.
It is a vivid fact that nowadays new media are looking for transparent information and plurality in reaching impartiality while old media gain it with objective methods. The result of it can be diverse, yet predictable: either good quality journalism, or poor quality journalism. But it is really significant to state that one thing has remained constant throughout the years. These are resources audiences have access nowadays. The internet has given an infinite space for exploring data and choosing primary sources one feels most coherent to read or watch. As a result, it gives enormous possibilities to form people’s individual opinions and viewpoints.
On the other hand, there comes the crucial question. Does this audience still require a journalist to de-code this information, reinterpret it in the most comprehensible, yet impersonal way? Let us admit this truthful fact. Yes, it does. Kelly Riordan, ABC news Australia claims that “audiences still

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