The Importance Of Joy In The Workplace

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“When was the last time you said high five to people in your work place? Or burst into a song while going for lunch?”
Joy at work place stimulates positive energy at work. This increases willingness to work of the employees leading to greater productivity. Joy as an emotion stimulates happy molecules. Mood being positive every individual will perform with satisfaction. This will help in improving efficiency at work.
Joy in a human being is stimulated by a feel good factor which he generates by doing things that he likes to do or those which satisfies him. For different human beings satisfaction comes from different things. Broadly we can divide the reasons of satisfaction of human beings as below: ---
1. Most human beings feel happy when their taste buds get satisfied. Good food is always a good stimulus. This stimulates the levels a happy hormone which instigates people to work. In the work place we often see employers arranging for grand team lunch and small gathers were delicious food gets served. This helps in rejuvenating employees’ moods and frees him from the usual boredom of the work environment. Thus, satisfaction levels of the employees are pushed up. This reflects in the performance of the employees which in turn propels growth of the department and organisation.
2. Every individual wants to look spick and span at work. Dress code is often imposed from Monday to Friday in most of the organisation. This restriction might make the work environment boring

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