The Importance Of Judging People

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A woman who criticizes the world around her is never attractive. Judging people is one of the biggest challenge anyone can ever resist. The need to be critical will never end up great for anyone, but only, serves no other than a ferocious purpose such as to hurt people and and to put them down. When we criticize and judge another person, it says nothing about that person but simply describes our own urge to be critical. Being as how we get used to doing, to my way of thinking, I consider it as a poor quality habit just like swearing. In fact, it is one of the oldest bad habit there is. Oftentimes, we do it just because it gives us something to talk about. Generally speaking, criticizing another person is not in any way good. It moves you closer to hurting someone unintentionally. Notably, being critical solves nothing—it only creates anger and distrust to human race. It 's a road to ruin good relationships. How often you find yourself criticizing someone and had them to respond positively—not ever. Over a year ago, I met this person who notice everything around her. She greets me in a witless but cheerful manner every time i see her. She gossips around and scoffs whoever she 's talking to. Most of the time, a comment will explode like a bomb in a pessimistic way—everyone is uncomfortable. I end up sweeping her act by throwing in a few good-humored comments on that same person so tension will defuse immediately and people won 't start snapping. On the flip side, she is
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