The Importance Of Junk Food

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Junk food are foods that we can get from restaurants. Food plays a huge part in our life, because we need it to live our life. This sort of food is high in calories, and low in healthy nutrients. Children nowadays are addicted to eat fast food. This kind of food is very bad, unhealthy, and dangerous to people especially small children. If children eat a lot of junk food, they will be very fat and having unhealthy bodies. Fast foods can help the body to have many diseases like: high blood pressure, high levels of cholesterol, bone and joint pain, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. Kids who eat too much fast food per week, they will be more likely to die, that is because of the high rate of the saturated fats that covered the meal. To add to that, junk food should not be given to small kids for two reasons such as, health problems, and having over weight, and other people are against this idea because they said that it is prepared and served very fast. First of all, the reason of why junk food should not be given to children is that eating a lot of it leads to many health problems. These days, children prefer to eat fast food because it served very quickly when they become hungry. Most of them are thinking that junk food is very good, but they are ignoring many things that are more important than serving the food. Parents should teach their children and let them differentiate between right and wrong things. Children can eat junk food once or twice a week because we
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